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Parisienne de Photographie is a public local enterprise created by the City of Paris in 2006 to digitize and distribute images from the Parisian museums and libraries. Parisienne de Photographie also manages the Roger-Viollet collections. The Parisienne de Photographie company includes the Roger-Viollet photo agency. The agency was created in 1938, and is now one of Europe's most significant and comprehensive historical photo archive.

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Logo Roger-ViolletIn October 1938, Hélène Roger-Viollet and her husband-to-be Jean Fischer, both passionate photographers and travelers, purchased Laurent Ollivier’s store located at 6 rue de Seine in Paris, and created the “Documentation Photographique Générale Roger-Viollet”. After WWII, they embarked on an extensive acquisition policy and built up a photographic collection unique in Europe, covering over 150 years of French and international history. At the death of its founders in 1985, the agency and its collections were bequeathed to the City of Paris and consolidated into the Parisienne de Photographie group in 2005. The Roger-Viollet agency merged with Parisienne de Photographie at the end of 2014.

Logo Paris.frThe official website of the City of Paris. To follow the city news, get information on the local government proceedings and access online services.

Browse the “Culture” pages of the "Paris actu" section of the website for information on Parisian cultural institutions and access to the museum and library collections and websites.

Logo CarnavaletThe musée Carnavalet website. The oldest of the municipal museums tells the story of Paris from a bygone era (a prehistoric dugout canoe dating from 4600 BC) to the present day, in all its immense variety. Although it is essentially a history museum, the musée Carnavalet is also an art gallery exhibiting mostly original works celebrating the spirit of the capital city.

Logo Paris BibliothèqueThe Historical Library of the City of Paris is dedicated to all aspects of the history of Paris.

Logo Paris BibliothèqueThe Library of the City Hall of Paris (former Administrative Library of the City of Paris) was created to meet the documentation needs of the Parisian administration, offering an extensive collection covering social sciences, law as well as contemporary history.

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The official website of French photographer Pierre Jahan (1909-2003).

Logo Europeana PhotographyEuropeanaPhotography is a EU-funded digitization project led by a consortium of various European photographic collections including museums, libraries, public and private archives and photo agencies. The consortium will digitize and ingest to Europeana over 400,000 images, masterpieces of early photography from 1839 to the beginning of WWII. 

Logo ProcessusOur photo-printing partner's website. A professional photo studio, Processus has been working closely with photographers for 18 years. 

Logo VariationVariation d'Expositions offers a selection of exhibitions held from Roger-Viollet collections and available for rent in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Check out the catalog here.

Paris City Vision

PARISCityVision is a major actor of tourism in Paris, offering  various activities and tours in the Capital as well as in France: guided visits of Paris, its monuments and museums, cruises on the river Seine, city tours by bus, ticketing for shows (Moulin Rouge, Lido...)