Jean Marquis - A Luminous Vision

Exhibition at the Salon de la Photo from November 10 to 14, 2016

This year the Salon de la Photo pays homage to another great photographer of the world of black and white analogue photography: Jean Marquis, who is celebrating his 90th birthday. The exhibition Jean Marquis - A Luminous Vision shows 97 photographs.

Born in the North of France in 1926, Jean Marquis moved to Paris in 1949. He drifted from job to job until he met Robert Capa who encouraged him to become a photojournalist. A member of Magnum agency from 1953 to 1957, he later worked as a freelance photographer contributing to magazines such as L’Express, Time-Life, New York Times, or Science et Vie. Jean Marquis took an amusing but sensitive look at politics, daily life and people of his time. The photographer spent long hours walking along Paris, day and night, as a passionate spectator of what he calls “the street as a theater”. Photographing in black and white his strong humanistic perspective, precise composition and use of light distinguish his work.
Since 2011, Roger-Viollet - Parisienne de Photographie is the exclusive distributor of Jean Marquis’s photographs.

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