May 68, behind the scenes

200 unpublished photos by motorcycle reporters from the newspaper “France-Soir”

French writer and historian Bruno Fuligni is going back to the sources of a movement which was, originally, emancipatory and generous, inventive and disordered, much more violent than we believe as well as quite more confusing. The police records and the documents of the time allow us to detect the other May 68 : the real one, lived by protesters and policemen, by the most convinced and the wait-and-seeers, or by tricksters and profiteers.

The book is illustrated by a selection of 200 snapshots taken on the spot by motorcycle reporters working for the French newspaper “France-Soir”, photographs that remained among the archives for the last 50 years.
Parisienne de Photographie - Roger-Viollet digitized and edited around 25,000 images from the “France-Soir” photo archives, held by the Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris (Historic Library of the City of Paris).

Published by Gründ Editions in partnership with Parisienne de Photographie – Roger-Viollet.

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