Paris freed, Paris photographed, Paris exhibited

Paris freed, Paris photographed, Paris exhibited
At the Carnavalet museum, from 11 June 2014 to 8 February 2015

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Paris and as part of Photography Month, the Carnavalet Museum is presenting the exhibition Paris freed, Paris photographed, Paris exhibited (trilingual exhibition in French, English and German).

On 25 August 1944, Paris was liberated by the 2nd Armoured Division of General Leclerc and the Allies. Two and a half months later, France and the Allies were still fighting the Nazis but the Carnavalet Museum was already writing history by opening an exhibition on the Liberation on 11 November 1944. Indeed, in September, François Boucher, curator of the Carnavalet Museum and a member of the Resistance, had declared that he wanted to "bring together the documentation essential for future historians". He launched an appeal in the press in order to "build up comprehensive documentation on the days of the Liberation of Paris" and approached numerous institutions.
This exhibition, created spontaneously and based more on emotion than on historical accuracy, was a resounding success, attracting 32,683 visitors.
Paris freed, Paris photographed, Paris exhibited looks back on the 1944 exhibition using photographs by Robert Doisneau, René Zuber and Jean Séeberger, with context given by prints, films of the era, videos of interviews with witnesses of the Liberation, books published at the time and various objects testifying to the commitment of the Parisian members of the Resistance to their cause… This previously unseen collection of varied testimonies helps us to understand the production of images in wartime.

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  • Carnavalet Museum- History of Paris 16, rues des Francs-Bourgeois, Paris 3ème
    Open from Tuesday to Sunday
    From 10 am to 6 pm
    Closed on Monday and public holidays
    Tills close at 5 pm
  • Curator : Catherine Tambrun, photographic department, Carnavalet Museum – History of Paris
    Assisted by Cyril Colin and Alain Eymard

    Scientific adviser: Christine Lévisse-Touzé, Director of the General Leclerc Museum – general curator at the Jean Moulin Museum.
  • Our story behind the pictures : The Liberation of Paris
  • Image : Parisians surrounding a US soldier. © Rue des Archives/AGIP
    Reproduction © Musée Carnavalet/ Parisienne de Photographie