La Parisienne revealed

On the occasion of the European Heritage Days, Parisienne de Photographie is treating you to a behind-the-scene tour

Parisienne de Photographie is in charge of conserving the Roger-Viollet photographic collections bequeathed to the City of Paris in 1984 : 6 millions of images from the invention of photography to the end of the 20th Century. Conservation means sorting out, making inventories, cleaning and storing the negatives or photographic prints in adequate containers. It also means digitization in order to protect this treasure for the use of the generations to come.
Apart from the Roger-Viollet collections, the Parisienne de Photographie reproduces the collections from Parisian museums and patrimonial libraries, almost 20 institutions in all, from the Paris Catacombs to the Historical Library, from the Carnavalet museum to the Palais Galliera fashion museum. Since the creation of the company in 2005, over 400,000 reproductions have become available to the public thanks to the scanning or photographing of works, documents and art pieces, as well as the indexation of these images.
Parisienne de Photographie's other mission is to promote the collections through loans of original pieces, exhibitions of modern prints, screenings and online presentations on, Europeana or Paris en Images. Not to mention the work of Roger-Viollet agency, Parisienne's subsidiary in charge of the distribution to media and book publishing professionals, but that is another story (behind the pictures)!

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  • Image : Mimi (on the left), captaine of the French cancan dancers of the Moulin-Rouge. Paris, 1953.
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