The EuropeanaPhotography project is completed

Over 400,000 photographs from 1839 to 1939, from 13 member states, now online on

Funded by the European Union as part of the ICT PSP programme, the Europeana Photography consortium regroups 19 public and private partners (museums, regional and national archives, photographic agencies...) from 13 member states. Its purpose? Making available online 100 years of photography in Europe, from 1839 to 1939, i.e. from the invention of the medium to the eve of World War II. 400,000 negatives has been digitized in 3 years and presented on the online portal of European Cultural heritage: Parisienne de Photographie has contributed to the project with 30,000 newly digitized photographs from the Roger-Viollet collection – including the works of French photojournalist Maurice-Louis Branger, of Boris Lipnitzki, Gaston Paris, Léon, Levy & Fils and Neurdein. As part of its contribution, the Parisienne de Photographie makes available a selection of photographs from the collections of the museums and libraries of the City of Paris.